Brandon + Brittany : The Stone Barn, Kennett Square PA

The wedding of Brittany + Brandon will always hold a special place in my heart because they were the first clients I ever booked. I had a year until their wedding and I took that year and poured everything I could into making sure their wedding day was nothing but picture perfect.

When their wedding day finally arrived I could not have been more floored by the outpouring of love and generosity. I started my day meeting Brittany and her girls at hotel close to the venue. When I walked into the room Brittany was in the chair getting her hair done with her feet propped up in front of her. Music was playing in the background and her Bridesmaids were doting on her, taking all her phone calls, and just as relaxed as the Bride. It was a fabulous environment to walk into. We started off by taking photos of Brittany's details, many of which she found from small business owners located on Etsy, as well as her dress. Brittany was the first Bride that I had the pleasure of shooting that used dried flowers for her wedding. And let me tell you, I'm a big fan. The lavender from all of the bouquets smelled fantastic and the aroma was so calming and relaxing.

I love shooting bridal details so I could have stayed all day and shot Brittany and her girls but I had a schedule to keep so at the abiding time off I went to meet the Groomsman at the venue! Jason, one of the groomsman and Brittany's brother-in-law, was actually the one who introduced Brittany and I so I was very excited to see him after so many years. We actually used to be work buddies in college, he was the grill master and I was the bread b!t[h, but that's a story for another day.

We had the pleasure of having beautiful weather on Saturday so I dragged the boys outside for their photos. They were all good sports and once relaxed about having a camera pointed at them I got to see those handsome, genuine smiles they all have. During this time the girls arrived and we put Brandon in place for his first look with Brittany. Brandon is the sweetest and you could tell that he was a bundle of (good) nerves but his first look with Brittany seemed to put him at ease once she was by his side. It was very adorable to see how complimentary they are to one another. I would definitely consider Brandon the strong and silent type and Brittany's bubbly and laughing personality really brings out this twinkle in his eyes that I don't think would be possible without her.

With portraits finished we headed inside with about 25 minutes to spare before the ceremony. We tucked the Bride and Groom away in a side room with the whole Bridal party where they all enjoyed a cocktail or beer before getting underway. The ceremony was held inside the barn and the backdrop was in front of their gorgeous fireplace decorated with fall accents. The ceremony was officiated by a mutual (best) friend of the couple. It was short, simple, and sweet and before you knew it the first kiss was happening and the new Mr. & Mrs. McLaughlin was walking down the aisle towards me. As they headed outside followed by their bridesmaids, groomsman, and parents the tears started flowing. Hugs and kisses were given and the laughter could be heard from inside. It was truly a moment to celebrate.

The rest of the evening was wholesome and full of good fun. It included one of the BEST toasts from the Best Man I've probably ever, and will ever, hear. Brittany and Brandon weren't shy during their cake smash but it was all taken within stride. Once we hit the dance floor there were smiles all around. I also made a complete fool of myself and absolutely lost it during the father-daughter dance. I seriously cried a river. There is one photo in particular that I caught of Brittany's dad and it will probably go down as one of my favorite father-daughter photos of all time. The look on his face is just so full of love and adoration for his baby girl.

The rest of the evening was moving and a grooving by those of all ages. You couldn't help but laugh out loud and enjoy yourself when you look around and see everyone else enjoying themselves. As I got ready to leave that evening I couldn't help but feel thankful. The experience with the Smith and McLaughlin families was truly one of my favorites. 

I also have to give a shout out to my awesome second shooter, Rachel, for slaying the #secondshootergame and capturing some beautiful moments throughout the day!

B+B, I've said it once but I'll say it again, thank you for choosing me. Now the part you've all been waiting for, the photos!