Hello, friend!

I'm so glad you stopped by. I'd love to share with you the thought process behind what it is that I do and a little bit about myself!  


what kind of photos do I believe in?

I believe in photos that are filled with unbridled joy, honest emotion, and full of character! In simpler words I want genuine, authentic, and fun-loving photos. I want to photograph the kind of couples who are so authentically themselves that our time together is not about poses but about capturing the honest laughter, love, and personality between the two of you. If my photographs don't capture the realness of you then what is it that I'm capturing? Give me the heartfelt feelings, moments, and passions.

Everyone has quirks as a couple so show them to me! Give me ALL the quirks! You want to get raw with your emotions then show me the rawness. If you want to kick off your shoes and run in a field barefoot then by all means kick those darn shoes off! Feel like jumping in a creek and stomping around? Then LET'S DO IT! If you want to be nontraditional, seek adventure, experience the wind in your face, and take in some epic views then you are the kind of couple I would love to photograph!


Here's a little bit about your girl behind the camera!

Samuel Lewis State Park portrait in open flower and grass field

things I like

shoprite tangy thick sliced taylor ham (say that 5 times fast!) -LISTS - remote car start and seat warmers (warm tushy for the win!) - white castle coffee - couples who will do anything to get the shot - uniqlo clothing store - creme brûlée - fuzzy socks - routine - plantains - TACOS - amazon prime shopping (#freeshipping) - my husband <3 - blankets - engagement & couples sessions - COFFEE & TEA - books & my paper white kindle - DESSERT - ketchup - laughter - prime rib - nutella - skinny pop cheddar popcorn - chocolate newman o cookies - online grocery shopping & delivery service


I will undoubtedly dance at your wedding. Once the DJ opens the dance floor that's where you'll find me with my camera in hand. If I forget your name I'll probably resort to calling you Gary. Everyone loves a Gary. I'm super awkward with small talk, I'll apologize for that in advance. No one ever believes me but I am an introvert. I'm not really a night owl but I'm definitely not a morning person. I guess Afternoon is my sweet spot. I love to read. My husband says it's disgusting how many books I can read through within a week. I'd rather sleep in than wake up early enough to do my hair or put makeup on. I have an obsession with candles and Eden's Garden Essential Oils. I hate a house that is cluttered or messy, I can't focus unless it's clean. 

And I have a tendency to ramble.

Samuel Lewis State Park Portrait Session


waking up early - mustard- -mashed potatoes without gravy - duck lips - icy sidewalks - dusting - people who don't say please & thank you - smiles without teeth - uncooperative grooms - FEET - socks left on the floor - jacket vests (what's the point??) - RAP MUSIC - inauthentic selves - parking lots - a bad cup of coffee - GRAPE JELLY - tangled hair - morning breath - running late - patience - cool whip - humidity


One of my favorite parts about being your photographer is that I get to come along for the ride and follow your journey. So here I thought I would include a little of my journey, a little of what I got to experience on my wedding day and how truly magical I know yours will be too!

Huge thanks to Invision Video Productions for capturing our amazing wedding day. .


stay in the know!