Hello, friend!

I'm so glad you stopped by. While you're here, I'd love to share with you a little bit about myself. Maybe you'll find we have one or two things in common, maybe more. However many, I'd love to hear what they are!



    shoprite tangy thick sliced taylor ham (say that 5 times fast!) -LISTS - remote car start and seat warmers (warm tushy for the win!) - white castle coffee - couples in love - uniqlo clothing store - creme brûlée  - fuzzy socks - routine - plantains - TACOS - amazon prime shopping (#freeshipping) - my husband <3 - blankets - engagement & couples sessions - COFFEE & TEA - books & my paper white kindle - DESSERT - ketchup - laughter - prime rib - nutella 


    waking up early - mustard- -mashed potatoes without gravy - duck lips - icy sidewalks - dusting - people who don't say please & thank you - smiles without teeth - uncooperative grooms - FEET - socks left on the floor - jacket vests (what's the point??) - RAP MUSIC - inauthentic selves  - parking lots - a bad cup of coffee - GRAPE JELLY - tangled hair - morning breath   







    Huge thanks to Invision Video Productions for capturing our amazing wedding day. I thought sharing this video with you all would be a great introduction to who I am and be a fun way for you to see my wedding day as I share your wedding journey.


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